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Why Does Stacey Speak?


Stacey’s earliest memories of her disordered eating patterns and negative self image where around age 10 after her big audition for the title role in Annie on Broadway. An agent told her after her audition, “You need to lose weight.” She was immediately put on a very strict diet and the next 15 years were filled with an array of fad diets, weight loss pills, periods of starvation, extreme exercise, depression, anxiety and bulimia. After being sent to an emergency room due to the effects of her eating disorder, she knew her only choice was to seek help. She fought with a vengeance for her own recovery and learned to set her own standards. Stacey is now encouraging others do the same by telling her personal story with humor and brutal honesty. Stacey has been in recovery from her eating disorder for over 10 years and not only has she been committed to her own healing she has been committed to healing the planet. She is a professional stand-up comedian, actress, TV host, certified personal trainer, motivational speaker, environmentalist, animal welfare advocate, but most importantly, an eating disorder survivor. In 2012, Stacey was nominated for Female Performer of the year by Campus Activities Magazine. In addition, she was recently named one of 2014's Hot Speakers













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Program #1

Looking Through Broken Mirrors: Understanding Eating Disorders


     In this program Stacey addresses the progression of her eating disorder and treatment through her own personal story. She’ll discuss the different types of eating disorders and the warning signs, and all the while, add a fresh, humorous twist to this serious topic. What are the effects of fad diets, crash diets, diet pills and over exercising? How is the media’s intense influence on a slender body image brainwashing you? What is society’s reaction to the media? How can we not let the media influence us? What is a healthy body weight and how to maintain it without obsessing, dieting and unhealthy eating patterns? These are a number of questions Stacey addresses. Stacey provides the tools to create strength and self-confidence in times of stress and how to avoid unhealthy eating patterns and disorders, and shows the audience how to find body acceptance in everyday life no matter what size you are.



Program #2

Burnout, Binging and Balancing: Tools for Keeping a Healthy Mind and Body During College The Years and After.


     Do you ever feel like you have taken too much on? Do you constantly check email/facebook  because you are afraid you might miss something? Do you feel there there not enough hours in the day to eat properly, go to class, study, go to meetings, exercise,call friends and socialize?  Do you feel you are spreading yourself so thin that  you aren't able to take care if yourself? Have you been binge eating or not eating due to stress and anxiety?  Do you wait to the last minute to study or do a paper? Do you feel overworked? Peer Pressure?This session deals with solutions to the questions above and more.

In this program Stacey will give the participants tools  that will  help them learn to find a new perspective and teach them how to create  a healthy lifestyle during their college life and after. She will help them recognize triggers that lead to unhealthy behaviors, avoiding  emotional eating and emotional non eating,  the pitfalls of procrastination,and most of all learning how to take care of one's mind and body no matter what life brings.

     Through an interactive discussion, lots of  humor and  practical exercises,  Stacey Prussman motivational speaker, eating disorder survivor, fitness trainer, professional comedian, 5 year yogi and a former stress junkie  will share her insights and practical tools to help students and administrators learn to relax, stay healthy and thrive!



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